ARCHAEOLOGY Why are Homo sapiens at the top of the food chain?

At that time, we were a weak species on Earth, we did not have the characteristics to be able to hunt as well as a leopard, did not have sharp teeth, could not fly, nor could we run as fast as other animals. deer, foxes, … we are at the bottom of the food chain. When a deer is mauled to death by a tiger, they will be eaten by the tiger and then the jackals, the vultures, until only an empty skeleton is left, then it is the turn of the humans. Our ancestors could only use rocks to break bones and eat the little marrow inside. Not only that, we are also eaten by other animals, that is the tragic life of our ancestors.

Homo sapiens climb to the top of the food chain

However, things started to change about 300,000 years ago when someone discovered the use of fire. Later, primitive people used fire to burn forests, hunt animals, and use fire to cook food. Using fire to cook food was a turning point in human evolutionary history. Instead of needing 6 hours and a lot of energy to digest raw meat like animals now, humans only need 1 hour. With plenty of time and energy, humanity began to think more, creating tools that led to brain development that surpassed other species, and then it was time for humanity to rise, Climb to the top of the food chain and hunt other animals.

So why is it that only homo sapiens still exists today?

At that time, the intelligent man was not the species with the largest brain capacity, nor the most numerous, but the only human species that can survive until now. That is explained by scientists with a hypothesis that is due to a genetic mutation, a mutation that occurred 70,000 years ago. Scientists realize that animals that are considered intelligent such as dolphins, monkeys, and chimpanzees now all have a language of their own to communicate with each other, but it is nothing compared to the language of homo sapiens, a complex language systems can describe both tangible and intangible things, happening and not yet happening. This has created great solidarity in the homo sapiens community, allowing them to gather a large number of individuals to hunt, …And that’s why, smart people go everywhere to sweep away all animals. dominated there, including other human species, and became the only surviving human species, setting foot across the continents of the Earth.

To support this theory, scientists are trying to reconstruct the voices of the mummies of homo sapiens. This project was initially successful when recently, scientists successfully recreated the voice of an Egyptian priest Nesyamun who died 3000 years ago based on 3D printing technology. The scientists created a 3D printed radio box based on Nesyamun’s larynx that was scanned in detail to precisely size the details. Using the respiratory tract with artificial larynx sounds, the scientists synthesized a vowel similar to the voice of the priest above.

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